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Thomas Sabo charms

Charming pendants - As versatile as life

Feminine, elegant, romantic, extravagant, classic, sensual - these are the designs of THOMAS SABO. In addition to simple chain pendants with glittering stones and shimmering pearls, THOMAS SABO presents symbolic motifs such as hearts, crosses and elaborate ornaments with stone trimmings. THOMAS SABO is constantly developing new cut shapes with enchanting colour creations that make its jewellery so unique. A characteristic of the THOMAS SABO pendants is their versatility. THOMAS SABO's enchanting Charm Club collection opens a world full of inspiration and possibilities, which awakens the collecting passion of women all over the world. The pendants, crafted with great attention to detail, are symbols of the important and beautiful things in life. Thanks to a snap hook they can be combined to individual creations on charm bracelets and necklaces. more


55 Products

55 Products

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