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Watch winders keep your automatic watch in motion

Do you own several watches or do you even have collector's items? If you do not wear your watch every day, then a watch winder for automatic watches is a sensible purchase. It replaces the arm movement and keeps the watch going with rotating and vibrating movements. The more complications a watch has, such as the perpetual calendar or a moon phase display, the more complex it is to reset it once it has stopped. The watch winders in the Timeshop24 online shop combine sophisticated design, valuable materials and reliable technology. Read more

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Watch winders in numerous designs: Wellness for automatic watches

Watch winders are true wellness oases for watches: they ensure that the watch oil remains beautifully supple and does not resinify and allow a precise determination of the accuracy of your automatic watch. Depending on the watch model, the required number of revolutions per day and the direction of rotation varies. These parameters can be set for many of the devices in our range. In addition, they have an excellent price-performance ratio.

If you buy a watch winder online, it is especially important that the device is delivered in a sufficiently protected packaging. We attach great importance to a safe and fast transport. At Timeshop24 you will receive a 2-year guarantee on all watch winders for perfect function. In the event of a warranty claim, our own specialist workshop always helps quickly and reliably. Thanks to our workshop, we have already been able to help many watch collectors whose older wristwatches could no longer be repaired elsewhere. Just ask us!

At Timeshop24 you can not only buy watch winders - also note our beautiful watch boxes!

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