Gevril watches

History and tradition meet exclusivity and glamour

The origins of the Gevril watch manufacturer go back to the middle of the 18th century. To Jacques Gevril, a gifted Swiss watchmaker who is the founder and inspiration of the brand of the same name. The Swiss watch factory - Gevril Horlogerie - produces around 6,000 mechanical watches every year, mainly in limited editions in 18k gold or stainless steel.  Read more

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Jacques Gevril, an aspiring watchmaker, accompanied his colleague Pierre Jaquet-Droz on a trip to Madrid in 1758. The two men presented King Ferdinand VI there. a selection of complex jukeboxes. The king was so impressed that he bought all the copies.
Gevril stayed in Spain to cement his reputation as a master watchmaker and was appointed Royal Watchmaker by the king. Jacques Gevril then lived in Spain for many years, honed his craft and produced watches for the crown. Later generations of Gevril watchmakers carried on the traditions of Gevril. Moyse Gevril and Daniel Gevril made z. B. made a name for itself through horological innovations and artistic enamelling techniques. Gevril pocket watches are now a coveted collector's item. One pocket watch is even in the Geneva museum, another is part of the collection of the Wilsdorf family, the founders of Rolex.

A Swiss distribution company acquired the rights to the Gevril name in the 1990s and launched a series of Gevril watches at the Basel trade fair in 1995.
However, the true renaissance of the brand came in 2001 when a Swiss businessman with a passion for watches acquired the Gevril brand. He understood the meaning of the Gevril name and wanted it to flourish in the world of contemporary watchmaking. He was determined to restore the brand to its former glory.

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