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Citizen - Radio controlled watches for men and women

Citizen watches from Timeshop24 get their signal from Germany

Citizen radio controlled watches from German distribution are equipped with radio modules which get their signal from Mainflingen and the atomic clock there. The signal is to be received over approx. 2000 km. Read more

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Therefore it is especially important to pay attention to the original origin of the Citizen radio controlled watch when buying it. All too favorable offers from the Internet turn out then often as false purchase if the user determines that the Citizen clock cannot receive a signal, since the clock for the asiatic market or the US markets was produced. Then only an expensive change of the radio module helps. Timeshop24 sells excluding Citizen clocks from German selling. The proper receipt of the radio signal is thus guaranteed.

What are the advantages of Citizen radio controlled watches?

- Automatic time setting
- No manual setting of summer and winter time
. - Precise time measurement with absolute accuracy. The deviation is only 1 second
in 1 million years. - The all-metal housing allows a watertightness of up to 20 bar without affecting the reception performance
. - All watches in the radio collection are environmentally friendly thanks to the Eco-Drive drive, as they do not require a battery change
This is how Citizen's radio technology works: Three independently operating atomic clocks each generate a radio signal. After comparing the time signals with each other, the signal is transmitted from the master clock via long-wave from Mainflingen within a radius of up to 2,000 kilometers.

Citizen radio controlled clocks specialist workshop

Timeshop24 has a modern watchmaker workshop and is supplied by Citizen with original spare parts. Band change, battery change with subsequent pressure test up to 10 bar, glass change with damages and scratches are no problem for us and the work is often carried out to the surprise of the customers within a few days. So do not hesitate to send us your Citizen watch for repair or contact us first by telephone for a consultation.

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