Picto watches

Original Danish design in fresh new combinations

Picto® challenges the idea of a classic watch. On a Picto® clock, the hour is indicated by a dot on the rotating dial. You can only read the minutes on a conventional hand. The minimalist approach to timekeeping and strong color combinations characterize Picto® watches.

In the 80's, at a time when everyone was busy talking about "time is money" and "every minute counts", the two young hippies Steen and Erling created the Picto® brand. And went in the opposite direction and created a Danish design icon. Wearers of a Picto® watch do not divide the day into minutes and seconds. They set their own agenda—an indication of time, rather than a timestamp. Once you try it, you become addicted. Continue reading

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  1. Stainless steel
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Men's wristwatches

PICTO® men's watches are particularly suitable for the man who is not afraid of attracting attention. All Picto® men's watches have a 40mm dial and are available in all sorts of colors and materials. With an additional strap you can easily change the look of your watch from the colorful unique watch to a masculine watch - this is done very quickly with the easy-release function on the straps.

Women's wristwatches

Designer women's watches from Picto® break with all standards just like men's watches, are available in all possible colors and materials and have a dial with a diameter of 30 mm or 40 mm for the ultimate statement look! With an additional strap or bracelet you can easily change the look of your watch. This can be done very quickly with the easy-release function on the straps.


The wristwatches from the PICTO® Ocean Ghost Net collection are something very special. Picto® follows the goal of taking small steps every day to be more sustainable. The Ocean Ghost Net project is the Danish watchmaker's most ambitious environmental contribution.

By sourcing sustainable materials and crafting a watch from Ocean Ghost Nets harvested from our seas, the primary concern was not to compromise the original 1984 design. The meticulous attention to detail at every step of the process made it possible to create a new line of sustainable watches while staying true to their original design and history.

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