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The FREDERIQUE CONSTANT brand has made top-class classic Swiss watches available to a broader audience of enlightened enthusiasts at a fair price. To do this, the brand established three fundamental values for the development of each individual model: design, quality and innovation. read more

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Founded in 1988 in Geneva, Switzerland, entrepreneurial couple Aletta and Peter Stas began creating FREDERIQUE CONSTANT. The founders not only designed their own watch collection. With FREDERIQUE CONSTANT, they created a brand that writes its own rules and, with boldness, vision and inventiveness, today offers a product range that no other watchmaker can claim for itself. Quartz watches, but also mechanical watches and, above all, a collection of 30 calibers designed, developed and assembled directly in the Geneva Manufacture.

The Swiss watch brand finally created its own signature by opening up the Heart Beat to reveal the heart of mechanical movements. Frederique Constant produces tourbillon watches, world time watches for people who are often in different countries or time zones, smartwatches with analogue dials and hybrid watches which, for the first time in the art of watchmaking, combine quartz calibers and mechanical movements and have network functions that are available via app.< /p>

In 2002, Aletta and Peter Stas decided to expand the range to include sports watches and to respond to the growing demand, which led to the acquisition and relaunch of the watch brand Alpina Watches.

FREDERIQUE CONSTANT celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2024.

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