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Do Good, Look Good, Feel Good

In 2017, Nordgreen was founded to offer beautiful, Scandinavian-designed watches at reasonable prices while maintaining a high level of respect and responsibility for people and the planet. Nordgreen aims to become the most sustainable watch brand in the world read more

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Additionally, Nordgreen wants to become a part of their customers' lives. The goal is to build a community of like-minded people who have an eye for design and a passion for making the world a better place - not only for today's generations, but also for everyone who inherits what we create today become.

Nordgreen's vision is to pioneer inspiring Scandinavian design. To raise awareness of the challenges humanity faces on our planet. Longevity is key: Nordgreen designs and manufactures watches with the future in mind. Timelessness as a philosophy. Nordgreen does not see itself as just a watch manufacturer.

From the Guardian watch designed to last 100 years to achieving B Corp certification, the Danish watchmaker is completely committed to finding a balance between profit and purpose. Nordgreen is committed to achieving a zero emissions footprint and every part of the company is working to achieve this goal. This vision allows us to look positively into the future.

In keeping with its Nordic roots and corporate social responsibility, Nordgreen has launched a giving back program. This addresses health, education and environmental issues to support the global community.


Nordgreen is a transformative brand. The company challenges the industry and empowers its customers to look good, do good and feel good. The company values are deeply rooted in love for the planet. Nordgreen watches are a constant reminder that we can all take responsibility for the world we will leave behind for future generations - even if it's just the smallest things. There is hope for a better tomorrow. Nordgreen's vision and mission as well as the desire to be a brand that contributes to transformation are summarized in the mantra: DO GOOD, LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD.

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